Dark Sun - A Veiled Alliance cityscape campaign



Dark Sun

The City Campaign with Veiled Alliance influence…..

Scene 1: Fighting for freedom
Each piece at arena for different reasons
-2 caravan guards? (gladiator, primal guardian)
-3 slaves
-1 spectator (noble)

A large crowd gathers for the gladiatorial games. They are unhappy as the games are not going well. It’s been a slaughter; combatants either have dealt with the beasts much too quickly or the beasts slew the combatants without a hitch. The day is hot, the crowd became unruly and the slave trader Nug, the Mul caravan leader who brought todays combatants here has been thrown into the ring. His leg lies at your feet (point to guards) and his entrails adorn the cactus in the center of the ring.

(Guards) Your master is dead, you’ve been re-branded and told you are now part of the entertainment. You stand in the center of the ring waiting to fight for your life.

(Noble) You stumble back to your seat, slightly intoxicated from the cup of brog in your hand. As you near your chair, you realize it is now occupied by a rather large half giant. You suggest he’s mistakenly taken your seat, he disagrees. You find your self floating through the air over the heads of the other patrons, time slows as you fall, over the wall of the arena and settling into the sand below.

(Slaves) You’ve been in the situation before, fighting desperately for your lives. Today is no different. Should you win your matches today, you may eat tonight, else you may be the one being served. Four other slaves stand in front of you, one of them pissing himself while waiting for the gates to open.

(Guards) Your equipment is in tact, the gladiatorial organizers have informed you they will collect your things off your cold, lifeless body.

(Noble) The guards refuse your re-entrance to the stands. They find your situation comical and look forward to the spectacle that is to be your end. They urge you to pick through the items left behind by those others who have shared your fate. You insist they’ve made a mistake. “Hrmph” says the guard to your left, “so is this then” he tells the other guard as he presses a red hot brand to your forehead. You fall unconscious.

(Slaves) Sun pours through the portcullis separating you from the crowd. They scream for your blood, the raw primal energy of their chanting drives your body to prepare itself for war. Your blood pressure rises, your cheeks begin to flush highlighting the tattoo that marks you as a slave on your cheek, and the sweat begins to pour from your face.

The gates open, the light shining in blinds you momentarily as your comrades rush out to meet the crowd. You hear a series of thuds and liquidy squishing as something wet hits your forehead. A quick inspections reveals you appear to have been splashed with their blood.

“GET MOVING!” is shouted from behind you as you are escorted onto the arena floor.

Scene 2: Gladiatorial games
Encounters 1-3
Silt Runners & Sun Sickness
The gladiator

Scene 3
You stop to catch your breath in the hot desert sun before the next opponent is escorted out. The sweat tricking from your head down your ears muffles the roaring sounds of the next monstrosity you are to face. The crowd cheers at the sight of an enormous lizard like creature being hauled out in a cage made of large timber. A moment of despair washes over you as you realize in a few moments time, this creature will be freed of its bonds and its attentions focused on you.

Gasps and shrieks hail from the audience while a shadow creeps in to provide cover from the shade. The temperature noticeably drops; a great relief in this sweltering heat. Instead of taking enjoyment in this brief respite however, the crowd begins to scramble, climbing over each other to reach the exits and flee.

The burley pit crew working to release the bonds of the lizard takes notice of the crowd; they too begin to shriek like little girls as they flee in terror. The great beast roars out in frustration, the guards had almost finished releasing it of its bonds. It begins to push and kick at the structure surrounding it.

You finally look to the sky to see what all the commotion is about, perhaps its the dizzying effect the sun can have on you that made you hesitate so long, perhaps you were just scared as well. To your amazement, a small town sized creature begins making its decent upon the area stands.

“What can you decipher about this situation?”

*Perception check 15 – You can see there are people, many people riding this creature. All are armed and equipped well with the armor and weapons slave traders prefer, long spears, bolas and nets, etc.

*Perception check 20 – This creature truly does resemble a small town. Small one room huts and tents are scattered across the top of this beast; flanking them are small but study cages, enough to carry a hundred people or so if jammed together tightly.

*Nature check 15 – The creature above you is an elder cloud ray. See MM for more info.

*History, Dungeonering, Streetwise check 25 – You’ve heard tales of raiders such as these, these are no slave traders, the captives these thugs seek will not be seen again.

*Insight check 15 – The situation is grim, even more so than before, the lizard on the other side of the arena has broken through.

Smoke billows from somewhere in the town, the sounds of a riot underway fill the air, its momentum is building.

From the corner of your eye you notice the head of a Dwarf peering out from behind a small hidden door in the wall of the arena. You recognize the Dwarf as Dulge, the gladiatorial pits’ physician and mortician. He carries scars across his face, has a wide stance and strong muscular shoulders, like all the dwarves of Athas, he is hairless. He speaks in a hoarse whisper “c’mon than o’er here now”. begin moving lizard toward group

You have only a moment to decide, which path will you choose?

Assuming the adventurers go with Dulge he leads them through narrow tunnels descending below the sand to a hidden room. The room is dimly lit but large enough to accommodate all of you. The only available seating is that which can be found on the cots surrounding the outer walls. Three of them are taken, two by a half-giant and the other by a human female, neither look as though they carry the spark of life. The half-giant is the son of Nug, a gladiator by trade but treated no better than you were. You heard he had in fact died this morning, the cause of the crowds’ dis-amusement and the bloody remnants of Nugs’ body to be strewn about the pit.

Dulge points to a table that holds a bucket of water, some flatbreads, and cactus fruit. “Ere” he says “take sum o’ dis it’ll help. I need ta know I can trust ye here wit ‘em two and my lil hold up ‘ere so tell me bout yourselfs and why ur in this predicament. What caused ya to become mapfaces, and tell it straight, I’ll know if ya don’t. Ye first” he growls and points to a pc.

group introduces themselves and provides background story

*Dulge asks them what they are going to do next and reminds them they are now marked as slaves and presumed to be dead. Will have to stay in hiding and if they don’t cause no trouble, are welcome to stay here.

*Dulge tells the party he thinks he knows someone who can remove those marks or at least knows someone who can tell them who they can speak to. But it ain’t here and they’ll have to head to the city to get it done. Those obscene tattoos mark them as slaves and will hinder them at every pass.

*The party will have to be snuck out and at great risk to Dulge. He asks the pcs what they can offer him as compensation.
Side missions, wealth, or information would be accepted.
To prove their worth, pcs could take out the Elf, Whitlan Duskwalker



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